Please note that there are two different conference venues:
June 14/15 - Century City Conference Centre
June 16 - Kirstenbosch Conference Centre (transportation available)

Steve Reid

Steve Reid is a family physician with a background in rural health and a doctorate in education, currently director of Primary Health Care at the University of Cape Town. He is involved in medical education and human resources for health, and is particularly interested in the development of young health professionals in the South African public health system. His focus on resilience arises from an understanding of lifecourse theory and its application to the major health challenges in developing countries.
Wednesday, June 14

10:45 SAST

13:00 SAST

14:30 SAST

18:00 SAST

Thursday, June 15

08:00 SAST

09:30 SAST

11:30 SAST

12:30 SAST

13:30 SAST

15:00 SAST

16:30 SAST

Friday, June 16

08:45 SAST

09:15 SAST

10:15 SAST

10:45 SAST

12:00 SAST

12:15 SAST

12:30 SAST

13:15 SAST