Please note that there are two different conference venues:
June 14/15 - Century City Conference Centre
June 16 - Kirstenbosch Conference Centre (transportation available)
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Lane Benjamin

Lane grew up during the Apartheid era in Cape Town’s colored township of Mitchell’s Plain, which stood in dramatic contrast to the “Whites only” suburb where she attended a private school. Born to service-minded parents, this contrast between home and school life proved to be a powerful experience for her. Lane took on several leadership roles within the school through academia, sport, community service, and school politics, standing as a voice against the Apartheid regime and its policies.Throughout high school and university, she initiated numerous community service programs. Lane’s first project was to set up a Sunday school class in the black township of Khayelitsha. In addition to teaching Sunday school, she tutored and ran study groups in Khayelitsha. During her college years, she wanted to teach art to the children of the township. She secured donations of art supplies and taught a weekly arts class to about 120 children in the townships for almost 2 years. Lane then pursued a Masters Degree in Psychology, with the goal of helping individuals otherwise unable to afford the services of a psychologist. Her work as a psychologist at the Trauma Centre in Cape Town and her involvement in dealing with victims of Apartheid through the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission led to a realization of how much violence non-white people have had to endure, not only from the Apartheid regime, but also from their own communities. CASE developed out of this realization, as a means to address violence and create a more peaceful South Africa.