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June 14/15 - Century City Conference Centre
June 16 - Kirstenbosch Conference Centre (transportation available)
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Kimberly Kendziora, Ph.D.

American Institutes for Research
Managing Research
Kimberly Kendziora's work focuses on the evaluation of school-based student support initiatives. She has particular expertise in research on school-based programs related to students’ social and emotional learning, behavior, mental health, and health. She has also conducted evaluations of community-based programs, including Say Yes to Education, the Anchorage Youth Development Coalition, and family advocacy organizations in New Jersey and Kansas. Taken together, her work has helped to advance understanding of how schools can productively interact with communities to support all children’s academic, social, and emotional development.
Dr. Kendziora has also been involved in the measurement of school climate, or the conditions for learning, in schools. She directed the development of the Chicago Public Schools’ Student Connection survey and toolkit and has consulted with New York City and the District of Columbia on their school stakeholder surveys.