Please note that there are two different conference venues:
June 14/15 - Century City Conference Centre
June 16 - Kirstenbosch Conference Centre (transportation available)

Mae-Gilene Begay

Navajo Nation
Director at Navajo Nation, CHR Program
Mae-Gilene Begay, MS is Din’e (Navajo), her maternal clan is Salt and paternal clan is Bitterwater. She manages Navajo Nation Tribal programs that provide community outreach and health education. She conducts program/policy planning and development and ensures conformity to tribal policies. She collaborates with tribal and non-tribal resources to enhance and expand service delivery. Ms. Begay holds various leadership, administrative, and supervisory positions in health, foster care, adoption, behavioral health, youth empowerment, and Indian Health Services. She is Chair for the American Public Health Association Community Health Workers.