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Liesel Ebersohn

University of Pretoria
Director: Centre for the Study of Resilience
South Africa
Liesel Ebersöhn is known for her work on socio-cultural pathways to resilience in emerging economy, Global South settings – especially high need rural and scarce-resource rural contexts. In this regard her work on indigenous pathways to resilience (generative theory on Relationship Resourced Resilience) often leads to invitations to disseminate research findings globally, for example the plenary at the World Global Network annual conference in Lima, 2016. She was appointed by the South African Department of Basic to participate in drafting a Rural Education Policy for South Africa as well as the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund to lead a Southern African SADC-region investigation into indigenous pathways to promote resilience in children. She is the Secretary-General of the World Education Research Association.

Acknowledgement of her research accomplishments are indicated by being an Awardee of the Department of Science and Technology Women in Science Awards 2012 (Distinguished Women Scientists Category), being invited to disseminate knowledge on global platforms in the form of keynote addresses, invited symposia, chair and discussant of sessions. Liesel’s research achievements are further signified by her being a rated researcher at the South African National Research Foundation, and recipient of the numerous research awards. Liesel has received funding (2013-2017) from the NRF to investigate education pathways to resilience in rural schools (with 12 NRF-postgraduate students as grantholders). She is also the UP-PI in an international collaboration where she leads knowledge generation on indigenous pathways to resilience in rural communities (with four doctoral students contributing to this specific articulation within IMAGINE). She has mentored numerous colleagues and postgraduate students by including them in a variety of funded projects – all aimed at increasing knowledge on how resilience, rather than pathology, is an alternative response to adversity.

Her knowledge generation has had a decided impact on curricula for teacher training in South Africa. Since 2003 thousands of enrolled in-service distance education students have studied knowledge4 which argues for teachers to view children from a strengths-based perspective. Pre-service teacher education students have been privy to both knowledge on AIDS as adversity to mediate in education, and how teachers can promote resilience in scarce-resourced schools. Development outcomes of her long-term, participatory social research include educational psychology services to close to a thousand children in a rural secondary school since 2006, as well as sustained supportive environments in partnering schools in three South African provinces since 2003.

Liesel is the associate editor of the South African Journal of Education, and serve on editorial boards and committees of multiple other journals, including the Review of Educational Research. Liesel is a full professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Pretoria, the Director of the Centre for the Study of Resilience, teaches career psychology to graduate students and is a registered psychologist.
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